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bill's Journal
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Saturday, February 8th, 2003
11:30 am
the perfect girl
the perfect girl is always there for you
she always listens when u need her
she tells you sraight forward what is happening
never lieing, never cheating
if shes your perfect girl
youll find that nothing else matters
u look forwad to being with her
all the problems of this fucked up society
just go away u see only the love u have for her
so when shit gets hard look for ur perfect girl she'll be waiting

Current Mood: dorky
Tuesday, December 10th, 2002
7:47 pm
my love for u
love what is love
love is knowin u have someone for you
love is knowin that no matter what she can make you happy
love is mental and sometimes physical
love is never broken nor toyed with
but most of all my love is for you
Thursday, July 11th, 2002
5:07 pm
what happens if i die before the end
what happens if i die before i wake
will my soul be unborn
will i never know whats is going to happen
what will other people think
who am i kidding they'll laugh and say good
what the fuck do i care
u all say im being an ass and taking it all out on u
thats not taking it out ur not even touching all the anger thats inside
and just abck and think have u added to the total ball of hate
i dont know if i can last that long so see my fate

Current Mood: depressed
Friday, November 16th, 2001
10:03 pm
Im slowly dying inside,
Can you not see the pain in my eyes?
I tell them Im okay,
How foolish they are to believe me,
For I am not okay-
Im broken.

They tell me their problems,
Sometimes I just want to laugh,
How petty their problems were,
If they heard mine.

I smile, I laugh,
Slowly breaking up in side,
At night I cry,
Can they not hear my cries?
As I wail to the mid-night moon?

I dream of death,
How beautiful she is,
Can you take me away I ask?
She to mocks me,
And leaves me alive.

Im dead,
But so much alive,
I heard that a soul is eternal,
As a body come and goes,
Then how come my soul,
Is already dead?

Current Mood: confused
10:01 pm
A Painful Death
A child cries out in the night
her innocent voice is full of fright
she prays in hopes that dad won't hear
but soon footsteps are coming near
she tries the hide beneth the bed
but her hopes are filled with dread
no one sees her cuts and bruises
no one hears her cry in pain
'cause when they came, it was too late
is this what they mean by fate?
a child dies a painful death
the father is set free
while mother sits with never ending guilt
because of something no one would see

Current Mood: confused
10:00 pm
Eternal Sorrow
the sorrowing angel's grief
strikes down from Heaven
a thousand, thousand wails
from hearts rent apart
fill the skies with bleakness
darker than the night
before the dawn

millions of tears course down
faces twisted with pain
not even a desperate hope
is left

the wind of tragedy is a gale
tearing at limbs, ripping away skin
the sun sets on the final day
the last golden rays shine
as the light of hope disappears
children's laughter is silenced
life's melody winds down

Current Mood: confused
Monday, November 5th, 2001
9:01 pm
An endless black tunnel
Smells of blood from the undead
Piercing horrid screams from beneath your feet
I feel as though gravity is non-existing.
Falling in an endless black hole.

Current Mood: depressed
Wednesday, August 15th, 2001
12:25 am
New life
To be look at with those virgin eyes
To be touch by that satin skin
Ow what a child has been created
So mimicking of an angel
With coiled black curls
And crystal brown eyes
That shall never shadow pain
Supple lips, finished with a smile and two dimples
Body of porcelain
Though is so week
Still capable of flying
Still capable of gracing this earth
Just to pounded over what ecstasy flows through once mind
Creates a place of heaven in our thoughts

Current Mood: naughty
Monday, August 6th, 2001
10:43 am
livin nightmare
To live one more day with out you
Would feel like having barb wire ran over my naked body
Knowing you don't feel the same
Would shred my empathy from limb to limb
Only to leave me alive, soul dead, on the flesh torn floor
Wrap me crimson colored turpentine
Then just light me up in flames
To only scrape the surface of the way it feels to be with out you
Run with me full force with a double bladed mish eddy
I won't flinch
It couldn't ever compare to the shudders of terror that you don't love me, that live in head
Od me on a drug, which eats me form the in side out, to only lead to my painful death
At least I wouldn't have to bear not hearing your voice laughing at me
Lie me down on a bed of razor-sharp thorny white roses, letting me stain each petal red with my pain
This could never measure up to not being able to lying against you, hearing your heartbeat rip through you chest
Dig scolding orange iron through my tender eyes
For then my last sight would be of you
Rip my still beating heart out of my tattered chest and danced on it with rusty nails
That's what it feels like when you said I wasn't worthy enough for your affection
Leave this world with out me
And knowingly I would soon follow

Current Mood: naughty
Wednesday, July 25th, 2001
11:09 pm
life as it is
Live off hunger,
Thrive off pain,
Creating thunder,
Bring down rain...
It's all in your control, because this is your fate,
Use it wisely, for in one blow, it'll be to late

Current Mood: depressed
Sunday, July 22nd, 2001
7:35 pm
hidden alive
You've taught me to be hidden
and live in the shadows below
isolated from people
I haven't a friend or a foe
My skin is all rotten
My teeth are yellow or gone
You've kept me down here alone
I've been hidden away to long
I don't know why you hate me
I don't know what I did to you
I didn't deserve this treatment
but its okay, cuz I hate you too
I'm tied down and handcuffed
Chained and starve, alone I wil die
I'm scared and lonely
In this empty basement alone I cry
Noone can hear me
My pain canot be shared
Maybe someone hears me
But does he care
You hated me for something I don't know
You gave birth to me, so what did I do
but I guess before I die, I must say this
to all who hated me, FUCK YOU TOO!

Current Mood: curious
2:49 pm
4 the end
four is the number of the apocolypse,
Disease infects all coming in like the tide,
Hate breeds wars as the end draws near,
Death spreads like a breath,
like the wind as it moves accross the land,
and Chaos brings all things to their end,
as the world colapses

Current Mood: bored
12:21 pm
deaths half brother
Just in the gates, in the jaws of hell
Here Toils and Death, and Death's half brother, sleep
For though you can not see them
You shall know they are there
You can hear their powerful names upon the air
You can feel their intensive bodies around you
Preserving you to find a way out
You can smell the stench of evil lurking around you
Though you can barley accept it all
You relies your eyes are tightly shut
So you open them
You at home with you family
No wonder you almost killed your self

Current Mood: confused
12:57 am
my profile
See how I stand-back to back I am one and many,
and no one but myself...
Can you hear the voices in my head?
They call and plead
and rage ti divinity
Screeming to violence
and begging for preace
Commandind the leaders,
and submitting the meek
Can you hear the voices in our head?
See how we stand- mind to tail
We are all and nothing, and no one but ourselves
"Kill me" you say...
But how can I drive the knife into my own flesh without flinching?
"Fuck me" you say...
I am man and woman, We are life and death
Priest and sacrifice, Gods and whores
We see Thousand years...
To rule destiny, and accept the dirty coin of corruption
I know only how I live today...
We are eternity in motion...
See how i stand- alone
I know you're out there somewhere...
As I see myself through your eyes...
We stand back to back- facing each other.

Current Mood: bored
12:33 am
the devils eyes
The devil eyes look straight at me
They can see past my
Towards my pain and fears
It claws grasps
Ripping and tarring at my fatal loins
Severing any last hope to survive in this treacherous world
Not knowing what pain full horrors was about to begin
Only knowing that I have not begun the worst of it or soon to pass it
Then everything stops
And I'm facing it
It takes me in its deadly arms
As to cradle me
Then there's a tight squeeze and
I can't breath
The devil's got me now
And there's no way to stop it

Current Mood: bored
12:33 am
my hell hole
In this trecherus hell hole
I fought for my life
Fought for my freedom
Fought for my love
Of being differetn
Being Beautiful
Being cared for
I use to have all of this Then i cam to this fuct up place
And now I can't be anyone
I have to be someone like every other person
And now i can't be anyone
I have to be someone like every other person
But i can't
I be you
But I can't be me either
There's no hope anymore
Because I can't fight
Not now
Not ever

Current Mood: excited
12:31 am
I thought it was all fun
All fun and games
No hurt or pain
No tears of fear I would remember it all
Every person and day
The glories I had
The friends I made
But now that time has past things have changed
It's all hurt and pain
And no more fun or games
There are many tears of fear rolling down my pale face
I try but can't remember it all
The people I met died with the memories or ended
Up as enemies to me
Like the devil himself
The days I had are erased with bad things to come
The glories that once were are not anymore
The new friends are old
But that's what keeps me going

Current Mood: bored
12:28 am
you, you
You, You
You're the kind of person I put my trust into
You, You
You're the kind of person I tell my secrets too
You, You
You're the kind of person who I let travel my mind
You, You
You're the kind of person I've been waiting for all my life
You, You
You're the kind of person I open my tattered heart too
You, You
You're the kind of person I let my self adore
You, You
You're the kind of person I fell in love with from the start
You, You
You're the kind of person who threw me to the
You, You
You're the kind of person who broke my heart in two
You, You
You're are the one who left me hear to dieing, cryin, with out you

Current Mood: bored
12:25 am
i cant
I can't
I can't do it anymore
I can't pretend thay everything is alright
I can't pretend you don't hurt me
I can't block out the voices that haunt me of you
I can't cover my eyes to the lies you tell to me
I can't erase thre scares you left on my soul
I can't survive anymore
Because I can't forget you

Current Mood: bored
12:24 am
can i trust
The way you touch me made me go
The way you called my name made me
want to talk to you forever
The way you kissed me was like no
kiss before
The way you acted towards me made me scared to trust you
way you acted towards me made
me scared to trust you

Current Mood: bored
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